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Terms of Use

Updated on: 19th March 2018
Effective Date: 19th March 2018

Welcome to!

We hate boring and “over-juridical” Terms of Use, so we have attempted to make them user-friendly.

By the way, “”, “we” or the “Website” mean the website, an online magazine devoted to covering the ongoing regulatory attempts to oversee and control the newest technologies, available at  “User” or “you” mean any person visiting or using the website.

Nevertheless, you should know that these Terms of Use (hereinafter — “Terms”) together with our Privacy Policy (available at 19th March 2018) constitute a legal binding agreement and by accessing the Website you agree to this agreement. If you don’t agree to these Terms or our Privacy Policy, you should not use the Website.

Modification of Terms

From time to time we may modify, amend or otherwise change the Terms without any notice to you. We will place the new version right here on the Website and at that moment it shall come into force. If you access the Website after we modify the Terms (which you probably will not notice, even though it is your responsibility to check), you agree with the modified Terms.

User Content

We are willing to create a fair space, and we understand that sometimes you may require a f-word or some other controversial material or wording to express your opinion, but we kindly (and please do not abuse our kindness) ask you to resist from doing so on our Website, as well as to perform any other illegal activity, including that aimed at breaching the ordinary functioning of the Website.

We have discretion to monitor your content, to delete it and to restrict or inhibit you from the Website, if we believe you disregard the aforementioned.

Our Content

We would be happy to help you, however all the content published by us is not an advice of medical, nutritional, financial, investment, legal or any other kind. You are solely responsible for any actions or lack thereof on your part based on the information that is presented on the Website. Any information provided by is for general information only.

All the articles on the Website constitute the authors’ own expressed opinion and even though they strive to express it neutral, they do not claim it to be the only objective truth. If you strongly disagree with the article, or any controversy regarding the articles at the Website arise, you shall contact us at, and we will solve them.

If you decide to use any article or feature from for publishing in any form, which includes rewriting, we don’t mind at all, however, in that case you have to refer to as the original source. Aside from that, whether you use our articles or not, it is your sole responsibility to thoroughly check and perform due diligence on the facts you’re going to make public, and in case of any problems, can’t be held responsible for whatever you have published, regardless of whether your article used our materials in any way or not.

Third Party Content

Sometimes we may offer you to visit a third party website. The Website may contain links to third party Websites, which are very likely to have their own terms of use. Therefore, we recommend you to read them as it is your own responsibility.


Certain images used on this Website were taken from the internet. While we use images we strongly believe are public domain, it’s human nature to be mistaken, so in case you reasonably believe that we’ve used a copyrighted image, or especially used one without permission, please let us know at so that we could properly remove it.

Intellectual Property Rights

We respect intellectual property rights and expect you to do the same.

The Website contains a lot of copyrighted material, trademarks, and other proprietary information, and we exclusively own all the rights, interest and title in it. All rights for the materials published at belong to and are protected by copyright laws. Their copying and/or use by any third party in full or in part without prior written consent of the is strictly prohibited.

If you submit any content, it will be considered non-confidential and we have no duty to attribute authorship to you or enforce any form of attribution by third parties.

Disclaimers, Indemnifications and Limitation of Liability

We hope you fully understand that you use the Website’s services at your own risk. The services are provided on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis. We disclaim all warranties of any kind, as to the timely, secure, or error free access to the Website. Use of any downloaded or obtained material through the Website will be at your own discretion, risk, and responsibility.

To the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, in no event shall we be liable to you for any kind of injury, loss, any form of damages based on any causes of action arising out of the use of the Website.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless us and all our colleagues from and against any losses, damages, fines and expenses arising out of or relating to any claims that you have used the Website in violation of another party’s rights, in violation of applicable law, in violations of any provisions of the Terms, or any other claim related to your use of the Website, unless authorized by us.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms and other relationships between the Parties are governed by the laws of England and Wales. All disputes and disagreements that might arise from these Terms shall be resolved by means of negotiations, and an e-mail correspondence with us at shall be the effective and binding method of communication.

If the Parties fail to agree on the subject of the dispute within thirty (30) days, the dispute shall be submitted to the competent court in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions you may contact us at