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About Us

Welcome to, a one-stop source of information about the way law impacts innovative technologies, how those technologies affect and find their place in law, and how it all affects us as end users.

Space exploration, AI, internet, blockchain, neural networks, robotics, internet of things, legal tech, and data protection all lead the agendas of inventors, developers, entrepreneurs, and lawmakers involved in shaping the future of our society.

Join as we explore what this future holds, what is happening right now, how it influences business practices, legislation, and who is behind all those changes that have the potential of reinventing our ways of life. 

Our Team

The team consists of editors, authors, and managers who hold a unique expertise in law, technologies, research, analysis, writing, and editing, as well as management and communication.

Vlad Likhuta

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Lawyer, marketer, and publisher. Technology enthusiast. Previously worked as an associate with a strong focus on legal aspects of decentralized technologies, cryptocurrency, and related businesses, as well as ICOs at Axon Partners. Vlad Likhuta also worked as a legal research analyst.

Anatoly Kaplan

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Deeply involved in the blockchain industry as an expert and journalist. Founder of the largest Russian language magazine dedicated to Bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralized technologies. Focused on distributed teams management.

Orest Gavryliak

Chief Communications Officer and Co-founder

LLM in European Business Law at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. One of the who's who in representing clients in a variety of securities law matters and corporate transactions related to cryptocurrencies. Served as token issuer's counsel in multiple ICO transactions, structured both onshore and offshore.

Tamar Menteshashvili

Asia Operations Manager

PhD candidate in law at Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a main focus on Blockchain Technology & Financial Innovations. Tamar has consulted with governments, including the Georgian Public Registry, on incorporation of blockchain-based solutions in the public sector. Founder of Blockchain Hub at SJTU. Member of Global Shapers Community. Advisor to different international blockchain initiatives. Published author for a number of international media platforms and academic journals.

Olha Rymar

Head of Marketing and Sales

Bachelor in International Legal Relations, and Master’s student in International and European Law. Previously worked as a legal intern and associate but changed her career from law to marketing. Head of Marketing and Communications at Flixxo, a decentralized video-distribution platform. A marketing consultant for several blockchain projects.

Roman Koshevoy

Social Media Manager

Blockchain-enthusiast who thinks that AI is one more step towards technological singularity. Science fiction adept. Roman also thinks that cryptocurrency was created by Lucas in Star Wars Episode 5.

Jenny Aysgarth


Astrophysicist and linguist, previously editor and writer for several online publications on technology, finance, and innovations. Content and strategy counselor for several projects.

Krzysztof Shyak

Editorial Assistant

After studying zoology and scientific translation at the uni, Krzysztof Shyak began writing about startups, investment and technologies. Considers blockchain technology among the most powerful tools available to bring the intellectual, economical, and physical freedom to an individual.

Ivan Grekov

Author and Researcher

Overviews new technologies and their impact on the law and people’s lives. Reckons that smart contracts will replace written agreements over time, robots should have the same rights as humans, and that AI will rule the world. Tried himself in the IT law but found the crypto industry more exciting. Works as a market researcher, and thus knows quite a lot about blockchain tech and the ICO market.

The entire editorial board of has participated in writing this piece.

John Chopyk

Author and Researcher

Lawyer, film photographer, marketer. Currently enrolled in a PhD programme in Cryptocurrencies. Previously occupied a top management position in the biggest law student association in the world, ELSA. Deeply interested in the combination of legal and tech worlds.

Our Partners

Partners are our greatest asset. You represent a law firm, regulator, business or you are a lawyer, state official, or businessman with relevant expertise in new technology and the related legislation? Join as a partner.